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What is jQuery.sheet?

jQuery.sheet is an easy to use easy to integrate JavaScript & php excel like spreadsheet plugin for the web browser. It provides the same layer of business intelligence found in a standard desktop spreadsheet, but on your browser. jQuery.sheet is mature, has a very open api, and has a php simple json, enhanced json, and xml data transformation service for a complete and streamlined ajax integration.
jQuery.sheet manages the sheet creation, viewing, and editing processes using simple html tables and html5 components to provide stabilizability even in older web browsers. jQuery.sheet can even be used like a datagrid, without formulas. For a complete list of all the Spreadsheet style functions that jQuery.sheet supports, take a look at the Demo & Documentation.

What is jQuery.pseudoSheet?

New to the jQuery.sheet family is jQuery.pseudoSheet, which gives you the same platform that a spreadsheet provides you, but with html elements directly and without the cumbersome spreadsheet interface.

Why was jQuery.sheet started?

Spreadsheets are a great way of abstracting custom data from large sets of data. In the end, jQuery.sheet is a business intelligence engine that can easily be improved, extended, or customized. Have a suggestion? Let us know

Why is jQuery.sheet much more powerful than your average spreadsheet?

Sure there are tons of spreadsheets to choose from, but very rarely can you connect directly with your dynamic, real-time data with your phone, browser, tablet, or computer for a unified user experience. For developers jQuery.sheet is a spreadsheet platform that can be used with the power of json or xml & sql to give you a spreadsheet on steroids!




  • Freezable cells
  • Merge-able cells
  • Supports multi line breaks on and off
  • Cell styles
  • Undo & redo
  • Open API for easy customizations
  • Multi-sheets (create new right from the ui)
  • Multi instance
  • Cross-sheet calculations (examples: TABLE2!A1 , TABLE2!A1:B4)
  • Re-sizable (columns, rows, sheet)
  • Rediculously Fast Formula Engine :-)
  • Easy creation of custom formula functions and variables
  • Selectable Rows and Columns
  • Shifting formulas (when insert or delete it updates surrounding formulas)
  • Cross browser compatibility (IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
  • Uses simple html tables
  • XML / JSON / HTML data transformation services
  • In-line Controls (select list, radio buttons, checkboxes)
  • Charts (gRaphaël)
  • Themeable (jQuery UI ThemeRoller)
  • Fully AJAX ready
  • Php server side formula engine
  • Pseudo Sheet - All the power of forumlas, without the spreadsheet interface
  • Easy for developers to integrate
  • User friendly

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